Venue and Hospitality Information at your Fingertips

Runtek is the powerful tool which enables you to transform your client’s user experience!

Waikiki: 2.5 miles of beautiful beaches, tourism attractions, shopping and fine dining. Lots of competition for the visitor dollar. Runtek helps you to stand out in that crowded market. Using powerful software, and your guest’s own smartphone, they can enjoy your restaurants, music, attractions, and more, just by scanning a discreet QR code. In less than a second, the guest visit changes from a one-dimensional menu or poster, to an interactive experience… in their own language!

We can help you to push any media, from video, and audio, to pictures and venue information. A trip to the mall, has never been like this! Cultural information, and special performances can be accessed, or simply read about in a variety of languages. Share special deals and exclusive restaurant offers.

Menu Translation
The customer needs the menu translated into another language.

Customer scans the discreetly placed QR code with their smartphone, a special webpage loads with drop-down that allows the customer to choose virtually any language, then the menu is instantly translated into the selected language.

QR codes can be placed anywhere on the menu or table tent. The QR code can also highlight special information, events, or music that the establishment is hosting, and can be changed at any time.

Service & Amenities
Hotel guest needs service or amenities in their room.

Guest scans QR code and is able to select what is needed from a drop down menu and add special notes. Hotel employee is able to be alerted on their smartphone or dashboard and complete the request of the guest.

Our special QR codes can push virtually any customized information or media to the guests that the hotel would like them to receive i.e. special offers, events, in-room dining menu, etc.

Venue Information
Establishment needs a way to promote events or venue information to its customers.

Business uses the Runtek solution to push this information to clientele in any language of their choice, including audio, video, or photos.

Our super-durable labels are rugged and weatherproof, enabling use outdoors, and in high-traffic areas.

The solution is easy!

  1. Scan the QR code
  2. Choose the language
  3. Choose from the media (audio, video, etc.)
  4. Enjoy the content

The ability to create a connection with clients is very important in today’s competitive retail landscape. So many choices, and only so much time. An immersive experience will create not only a memory, but a relationship your guest will not soon forget.